PMI Melbourne Chapter Board of Directors Election

Call for Nominations

The Nomination Process has completed and the results will be announce at the AGM.

Archive for reference:

November 2016
- PMI Melbourne Chapter announces the start of its 2017 Board of Directors Election with a call for nominations for Candidates. PMI Melbourne Chapter is a not-for-profit, member-driven organisation.

Call for Nominations:

PMI Melbourne Chapter seeks members with an interest in managing the future of the Chapter to join its Board of Directors. We are seeking Director Candidates for 7 (seven) open positions on our 2017 Board of Directors. Directors will be elected for a period of two years. Nominations are now closed and applications are being processed.

Criteria for Selection:

Based on the Chapter Rules, the Nominating Committee has determined the following criteria for selection:
  1. Willingness and experience to serve others.
  2. An eligible PMI Melbourne Chapter member in good standing for the past two consecutive years.
  3. An appreciation of the value of the profession served by PMI.
  4. Experience as a volunteer or volunteer leader.
  5. Experience of performing governing duties to meet legal and regulatory requirements inherent in the fiduciary oversight role of a board.
  6. Willingness, experience and appreciation of working in a collaborative, collegial, respectful, and productive way with people having diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.
  7. Visionary strategic thinking capability to be able to understand the interests of diverse stakeholders, to assess the impacts of environmental and marketplace trends, and then to translate those interests and impacts into strategy.
  8. Experience of assisting in transformational change driven by strategic issues.

Nominating Committee:

A Nominating Committee has been appointed in accordance with the Chapter Rules and comprises the following volunteers:

  • Chi Keen Low (IPP) (Chair)
  • Lindsay Whitehead
  • Daniel Sammarco
  • Stuart Morgan
  • Zeina Assouad

How to submit a nomination?

The Nominating Committee will be accepting nominations. To submit a nomination, please complete the PMC Nomination Form and send it to For complete eligibility and application requirements, please consult the PMI Melbourne Chapter Rules or contact the Nominating Committee at

Election timeline

  • PMI Melbourne Chapter's Nominating Committee is accepting nominations. Acceptance of nominations will close at 5 pm (Melbourne time) on Friday 16 December 2016.
  • The Nominating Committee will interview candidates in late 2016 and early 2017.
  • Candidates will be interviewed for suitability and a final list prepared.
  • The membership will be advised of recommended candidates.
  • If there are more candidates than positions available, elections will be held using electronic voting.
  • Successful candidates will be announced thereafter.


Members are reminded that in accordance with PMI Melbourne Chapter Rules section 12.3.1:
  • Only the Nominating Committee may distribute election materials for PMI Melbourne Chapter elected positions.
  • No funds or resources of PMI Global or PMI Melbourne Chapter may be used to support the election of any candidate.
  • No other type of organised electioneering, communications, fund-raising or other organised activity on behalf of a candidate is permitted.

Further information on the following:

The following information can be found at Melbourne Chapter Rules:
  • Board Member Roles
  • Eligibility for Board Membership
  • The Election of Directors