Project Management Day of Service (PMDoS) 2018 Melbourne

The Project Management Day of Service comes to PMI Melbourne Chapter (PMC) this year. An extension of the National PMDoS, it will bring PMC members together with charities and not-for-profit organisations to create a day full of benefits for everyone. Project Managers get to consult on projects, thereby contributing their time to the community, while charities and not-for-profit organisations get expert consultation for their projects.

RMIT Melbourne 3000 VIC

29 October 2018 (09:00 AM to 05:00 PM) 

Project Management Professionals get to:

  • Demonstrate the IMPORTANCE of project management to charities by sharing their project expertise.
  • Boost the CREDIBILITY of the project management profession
  • Redefine project management as an “INTENTIONAL PROFESSION”
  • Grow your NETWORK by connecting with other project management professionals
  • Earn up to eight valuable PDUs and MAINTAIN you professional standing
  • JOIN hands to ENHANCE the STATUS of PMI Melbourne Chapter and its members as a community, business, and professional resource
  • GIVE back to the community by dedicating one day of your time to assist charities and NFPs with your expertise in delivering solutions to their project issues
  • Add VALUE to your career and resume
  • Improve your BRAND image on social and professional networks

Charities / NFPs get to:

  • CONSULT with expert Project Managers for their projects / initiatives
  • DRIVE their projects forward with clear ROADMAPS
  • Have all their project / initiative related queries RESOLVED in a single day of consultation
  • Link up with a consultant who they can then CONNECT with for future guidance
  • NETWORK with other charities / NFPs for possible PARTNERSHIPS on their project / initiatives

Sponsors benefit by:

  • HELPING bring charities / NFPs on the same table as consultants
  • Fulfilling a part of their CSR commitments
  • Get STRONG VISIBILITY through their partnership with a premiere event of PMI
  • GIVE back to the community through their sponsorship of the event
  • Be RECOGNIZED as a socially and community conscious organization

Moving ahead…

Email your interest in joining PMDoS as a Project Consultant / Participating Charity or NFP / Sponsor. Once we have your Expression of Interest, one of our committee members will be in touch with you to get your details as a Project Consultant. Charities and Sponsors will be contacted to get details about their projects / initiatives and sponsorship interests respectively.

Project Consultants

You will be paired with a team of two or three other project consultants, and together, you will help the selected charity with their project needs on PMDoS. Prior to the big day, you and your team will receive a detailed fact-sheet about the organization you will be partnering with, their project initiative, and their expectations from the day. Your team’s task will be to do your homework and come ready for the day to take the organization’s initiative forward. On the day, you may be working with up to five representatives from the organization, who will discuss the initiative for which they are seeking your expertise. Over the period of the day, you and your team will work with the client to deliver a clear plan and precise roadmap to help them achieve their goals and boost their efforts to the next level of success.

Charities / NFPs

Our team will coordinate with you to help you understand the kind of project / initiative you can bring to PMDoS. Business as usual is not covered by PMDoS, so we will be helping you identify the right projects for which to get expert advice. We will also be sharing some documents for you to ready for the day of the event, and bringing you up to speed on the skills and abilities of the Project Consultants you will be partnered with by sharing their resumes. On PMDoS, you can have up to five representatives on hand to consult with the Project Consultants, so we will also guide your selected representatives in advance on how to get the best out of the discussions.


Upon receiving your interest in sponsorship for PMDoS, our Sponsorship team will be in touch with you to help you understand the different sponsorship levels we have and some other sponsorship ideas. PMDoS has been planned as a Not-For-Profit event, so we are not looking for anything extraordinary. However, it would be our pleasure to share with you details on how we can help you achieve maximum visibility for your gesture towards the community and your participation in PMDoS.




Registrations Open: 15 August 2018

Registrations Close: 07 October 2018

Registrations Open: 15 August 2018

Registrations Close: 07 October 2018

Registrations Open: 15 August 2018

Registrations Close: 07 October 2018

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