Membership Applications

Membership Categories

PMI membership is divided into several membership categories. View the categories and current membership fees
on the PMI web site.   

NB: PMI USA will only accept payment in $US so the simplest payment method is to use credit card. The exchange rate is handled by your card provider at the time the transaction is processed.

*New members (except Student Members) are required to include a US$10.00 application fee and any Chapter fees. Renewing members do not pay the application fee.

**PMI memberships aren't just for working project practitioners.  Student membership is open to students currently enrolled full-time in a degree-granting program at an accredited or globally equivalent college or university. Verification of current enrolment must be enclosed with a completed Membership Application.


Communities of Practice (COPs)

The PMI also has a number of global Communities of Practice (COPs) , which members can join and are listed on the PMI Web Site in the Membership section.


PMI Group Billing Plan

Find out more about the PMI Group Billing Plan, a simplified group-invoice program for individual members in the same organisation by checking the PMI Web Site in the Membership section. Participation in the program requires:
  • A minimum of 15 employees within the one organisation
  • Employees within the plan must join the PMI
  • Employees must join a minimum of one Chapter and one Special Interest Group under the plan


Application Process

To become a PMI member, you are required to apply directly to PMI GOC in the USA. Membership Applications can be made in several ways:

    1. Applying on line

    directly from the PMI Web Site Membership section - Individual Membership;
    2. Downloading and completing the Membership Application form from the PMI Web Site Membership section - Individual Membership - and  faxing or mailing it to the USA; or
    3. Contacting PMI Melbourne by e-mail to request we send you a copy of the application form

The PMI GOC postal address and fax number are identified on the site.

A currency conversion calculator is located on the web site for informational purposes only. PMI takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information obtained. Prospective new and renewing members should confirm current rate with their bank prior to sending payment for dues.