Frequently Asked Questions


What is PMI?

PMI, Project Management Institute operates throughout the world with head-office in the USA. The PMI goal is promotion of the project management profession. Current information about the many benefits of joining PMI may be found at Joining PMI is achieved by printing the application form, then posting or faxing the completed form to PMI in the USA. A much faster method is to apply online. Details of both approaches are on the PMI US web site in the Membership section. 


Note that payment can only be made in $US - the simplest way of doing this is by supplying credit card details on the form. The cost of joining PMI is $US119 plus $10 joining fee, with the cost of joining the Melbourne Chapter an additional $US40 (all on the same form and sent to the USA). The $A cost is determined at the time of processing in the USA, so the exact cost depends on the floating exchange rate at a particular point in time.

Many (regional) Chapters and Specific Interest Groups have been formed to support promotion of the profession. The Melbourne Chapter does this through guest speakers, training and more. Our web-site, showing our forthcoming events, is at To join the Chapter, simply nominate Melbourne (Australia)chapter on your PMI membership application.


I have recently moved to Melbourne and would like to change chapters to be informed of local events. How do I change chapters?

A member may request to change Chapters by e-mailing the PMI Customer Service department at If you are due to renew your PMI membership in the next 3 months, we recommend that you change Chapters at the time that you renew your PMI membership, indicating on your PMI Renewal invoice what your Chapter of choice will be and including the appropriate yearly dues.


What other chapters are available in Australia?

A. For details of the other chapters within Australia please visit This is the Australian PMI Council web site and all PMI Chapters in Australia are listed with links and contact details.


What are the benefits of joining PMI?

Here are some of the benefits.


Networking: One of the main advantages to joining PMI is to meet with other PMs across a broad cross section of industries and to share experiences etc.

Newsletters: All PMI members get monthly newsletters from PMI GOC which contain a number of articles on PM. Many of these would possibly assist with your studies.

Events: PMI Melbourne run a number of events each year. These events are open to all but free to members of the PMI Melbourne chapter.

PMP: Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is an internationally recognised examination in Project Management. The Melbourne Chapter offers courses to assist in preparing for the examination and also runs free study group.

PM Publications: PMI members receive a monthly publication "PM Network" as well as other publications.


Does the Project Management Institute (PMI) recognise and/or accredit other project management courses held by universities, colleges and/or other service providers?

The PMI has an organisational recognition process whereby it provides a Registered Education Provider (REP) or Global Education Provider (GEP) status to organisations which are approved to conduct courses or educational programs based on PMBOK and suitable for PMI members to attend to gain Professional Development Units (PDU’s). These organisations are able to advertise that they are recognised by PMI and are able to display a REP or GEP logo. A listing of these organisations is contained on the PMI GOC website in the Professional Development & Careers - Register Education Provider Program section. 

The PMI also recognises a number of academic institutions that provide degree programs in project management. A full listing can be viewed at the PMI website at

The PMI's Project Management Professional (PMP) is the project management profession's most globally recognized and respected certification. The PMI Melbourne Chapter also runs local training courses, study groups and a reference library for members seeking PMP. For further details refer to

To obtain PMP certification, an individual must satisfy education and experience requirements, agree to and adhere to a Code of Professional Conduct, and pass the PMP Certification Examination. The PMP Certification examination is based on the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) that is internationally recognised as underpinning PM best practice in project management principles, practice and theory. Further details are available on this website under ‘Certification’.

The PMI does not formally accredit any project management courses although having a REP or GEP status does mean that the PMI has determined that the organisation does conduct suitable programs. However the PMI encourages members or other parties seeking to undertake project management courses to undertake some initial research into course content and relevance prior to enrolling. Examples of questions that you might like to ask course coordinators include:

  • Is the course content based on the PMBOK. If not, what is the main text/source that was used to develop the course and what are the credentials of its author(s)?
  • Does completion of the course provide me with points towards membership of a project management body and/or formal recognition by this organisation?
  • How well recognised and respected is the course amongst the local project management community.
  • Is the course recognised by any international project management associations or bodies?


What is a Registered Education Provider [REP]?

Most members or prospective members of PMI need to do project-oriented training from time to time.   The Melbourne Chapter, like many other chapters, has formed relationships with a small number of specialist trainers who are attuned to providing training related to project management and who are approved to conduct courses or educational programs based on PMBOK and suitable for PMI members to attend to gain Professional Development Units (PDU’s).  These are known as "Registered Education Providers".   Each of these organisations has passed a series of tests to ensure that they offer training at a suitable level of quality, and relevance to the chapter.   The chapter from time to time assists its REP's by providing knowledge to improve courses, and by referring potential attendees to them.   REP's are also authorised to use the chapter's web site for bookings and advertisements, so that it is an easy process for chapter members or prospective members to arrange courses, and to claim credits.   The chapter may benefit financially from the courses offered by REP's.  The Melbourne Chapter has two accredited REP's.  They are

A complete list of REP's authorised by PMI globally may be found at the web site PMI Global REP Information by selecting REP left menu items.


How do I claim PDUs for attending a PMI Melbourne Chapter Event?

Your attendance at a speaker presentation at a PMI Melbourne Chapter Event is usually but not always a PDU qualifying activity for the PMP Continuing Certification Requirements. 


We list the activity category and PDU value of an event on Certification > PDU Register. PMPs can claim PDUs via the online claim form in the Member’s Section of When completing the form, please use the provider id C099. The course id of an event is the last six digits of the respective Program Number listed on Certification > PDU Register.


I am not a member of PMI Melbourne Chapter. How can I join the PMI Melbourne Chapter mailing list?

You can be added to our PMI Melbourne Friends mailing list.


I am a PMI Melbourne Chapter member but I am not receiving the e-mail Newsletter. How can I subscribe to the Newsletter?

There is several weeks of delay before new member information is uploaded to our systems. If you still have issues after initiating or renewing your membership, you can contact


I am a PMI Melbourne Chapter member. How can I change the e-mail address the e-mail Newsletter is sent to?

You should review your personal profile at PMI Headquarters. There can be a delay of up to three months before we receive updates. Alternatively you can send changes to