Membership FAQS

How do I join PMI and the Melbourne chapter membership

To join PMI and the Melbourne chapter, follow the following instruction.

  • Go to website
  • Click on “Join or renew today”
  • Choose either Individual or Student and click on either “Join”
  • Click add to cart.
  • Select Browse community under the community membership on the right side of the webpage.
  • Click the link to “see the list of chapters”
  • Select the country
  • Click on “Join” for the Melbourne chapter
  • Click “add to cart”
  • Click on checkout
  • Create an account for new user and proceed with payment (in US $)

How do I renewal PMI and the Melbourne chapter membership?

The simplest way is to :
  • Go to website 
  • Click on the “renew your membership” on the left hand side of the website.
  • Enter the membership number and click “next”
  • Shopping appears with both the PMI and chapter shopping cart 
  • Enter payment details and all required fields on the website page and click “place your order” at the bottom of the page.
Otherwise you can renew membership via the PMI website

My membership expired already, can I still renewal?

You can only renewal within 90 days of your current membership expiration date.

Can I join the Melbourne chapter without joining the PMI ?

No. You must join PMI in order to join the Melbourne Chapter. 

I renewed my PMI membership and did not renew my chapter membership.
Can I change my mind and renew chapter membership separately?

Yes. You can renew your Chapter membership within 90 days of your expiry date.  The new Chapter expiry date will still be the same as your PMI membership expiry date.

I just joined and how come I cannot logon to the Melbourne chapter ?

Your User Name is your PMI Membership Number, and your 
Password is your Email Address that you registered with PMI.
If you have joined the Melbourne Chapter within the last month, your details may not yet be available, so you will not be able to log in. If you need to log in now, please contact the Communications Director.

I want to renew my PMI and chapter membership however I cannot remember my login user Id for the PMI website,
what should I do?

If you can locate your membership ID. You can complete the renewal process via the Melbourne chapter website.
Otherwise you can retrieve your PMI account user ID /password via the following process and then renewal membership via the PMI website. 
  • Click “login/register” from the top right hand corner on the PMI website 
  • Click forget user ID. 
  • Enter the e-mail address you have set as primary/preferred when you first joined. 
  • The user Id will be sent to the email.
Once you get your user ID, you can then click “forget password” in the logon page.

I am an existing PMI member.  How do I join the Melbourne Chapter?

You can join the Chapter via the following PMI link and choose 'Melbourne Chapter'.
PMI Link.

Please note your Chapter expiry date will be the same as your PMI expiry date.  Therefore, you may not get a full year Chapter membership as this depends on your PMI expiry date.

How do I find my invoice for PMI and the Chapter fees?

You can find your invoice on the PMI website.

PMI Link.       Logon and go to 'MyPMI tab' and then 'Orders' tab.