PMI Mentoring Overview

2018 PMI Melbourne Chapter Mentoring Overview

To join PMI Melbourne Chapter Mentoring program, you need to be a PMI Melbourne Chapter member and have access to the PMI Melbourne Chapter website with a valid user id and password.  

To join PMI Melbourne Chapter Mentoring program please register using the following link.


Please answer all questions in the form as your answers will assist the Mentoring Program manager in the mentoring pairing process.  Please provide as much relevant detail about yourself as possible, including your role (Mentor or Mentee), Profile, LinkedIn reference, reason for joining the program and preferred location for mentoring meetings.  

Once you register, the Mentoring Program manager will get an automated email notification so you can be welcomed to the program and paired accordingly. 

Mentoring pairing can occur by one of two ways:

·         - Following the Mentoring Kick-off at the start of Mentoring Year in February. After the last kick-off in February 2018, 62 mentors and mentees were successfully connected.

·        -  During the year when a new mentor/mentee joins the program online  

More details on mentoring pairing can be found within the FAQs.  

When you are connected with a mentor or mentee, please take it upon yourself to initiate your first meeting. This is your opportunity to meet the other person and to evaluate whether you would like to continue the mentoring process with them.  

If the first meeting is successful, e.g. mentor and mentee agree to work together, please follow the steps listed below:

·       -   Advise Mentoring program manager via email on 

·         - The mentoring team will connect you in the Mentoring Online application (where you have entered your details during registration)

·         - The confidentiality form provided to you will need to be signed by both mentor and mentee, and forwarded to the mentoring team via email

·        -  All new mentoring members, whether mentor or mentee, also need to complete and sign the “New Mentor-Mentee agreement form”. This form also includes guidelines for claiming PDU points

·         - Confidentiality forms and new member agreement forms can be found in the file further below

·        - Once a mentor and mentee are connected in the online mentoring application, the following can be performed:

o   Mentees can record mentoring sessions and mentors can verify them

o   Mentees can record their goals as agreed with their mentor



The PMI Melbourne Chapter Mentoring program is now part of the Australia and NZ Region Mentoring.

Mentoring Kit 2018

The 2018 Mentoring Program provides an opportunity for mentees to enhance their professional skills and to enjoy working collaboratively with a supportive mentor to achieve their goals.  

It is also an opportunity for mentors to give back to the profession and to share your experience and knowledge with less experienced project managers.  

Mentoring is based on encouragement, constructive comments, openness, mutual trust, respect and willingness to learn and share. It is also a serious commitment for mentors to give your time to mentees.

 Mentoring has become an increasingly popular method of developing professional skills and knowledge. Benefits of mentoring include:

 1. Free for Melbourne PMI Members
2. Opportunity for mentees to enhance project management and people skills

3. Opportunity for both mentors and mentees to learn about project management approach in other companies, industries, countries

4. PDUs can be claimed by mentors and mentees

5. Just in time support: Mentees receive information and support when they need it.

6. Relevance: work issues can be discussed and progressed

7. Satisfaction for mentors when they see mentees achieving their goals

8. Confidentiality: issues discussed during mentoring meetings are strictly confidential

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  How are Mentors and Mentees matched?  

During the Kick-off Event, mentees are given a unique opportunity to meet several mentors face to face and to provide their preferences. Mentee preferences cannot always be met due to mentors’ availability.  

If there are still unpaired Mentors and Mentees after the Kick-off Event, they need to contact mentoring team via email below, so pairing can be suggested on the basis of mentor and mentee profiles.  

How many mentees can a mentor work with?

Mentors can elect to have one or more mentees, however each mentoring session needs to be one on one.  

How many mentors a mentee can have?

Mentees are only allowed the one mentor during each mentoring year, to ensure that all mentees get an opportunity to have a mentor.

 Can you be both a mentor and a mentee?

Yes you can  

How often should mentors and mentees meet?

As a general guideline mentoring pairs should meet at least once a month, some mentors and mentees meet fortnightly for one hour. 1 PDU can be claimed for one-hour session by a mentor and a mentee.  

Where and how should mentors and mentees meet?

This depends on convenience for both parties. Many people find coffee shops a good option. Aim for a venue that offers a confidential and comfortable atmosphere. Distance mentoring may require Skype / phone and email contact, however face-to-face meetings are encouraged.  

How long does a mentoring partnership last for?

This program will continue from the Kick-off in February to End of Mentoring Year in late November.  

Can mentor and mentees continue on for the next year?

Yes, providing both the mentor and mentee agree.   

What happens if the mentoring partnership is not working?

If one party feels that the partnership is not working, it is preferred to discuss the issues with the other person first. Has there been a misunderstanding or a difference in expectations? Can the issue be resolved? If the issue is not resolved between a mentor and a mentee or if you have any important questions/issues related to your mentoring relationship, please contact PMI Melbourne Mentoring Manager on   

If a change of mentor or mentee is required, it will be organized by Mentoring Manager.  

Learn from what occurred in this partnership and consider how this misunderstanding could be avoided in the future.

 What support is provided for mentors and mentees?

Mentoring Team provide relevant presentations during the mentoring events, and are always available to answer your queries.

Mentoring Team provide relevant presentations during the mentoring events, and are always available to answer your queries.


How to contact Melbourne PMI Mentoring program manager?
Email address is below:

PMI Mentoring Kit - Click to download

Latest Mentoring Events

2018 Mid-Year Event - 12th July

2017 Year-End Event

2017 Mid-Year Event

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2017 Mentoring Program 'Kick Off' and how to expand your professional networks Click to view

2016 End of Year Celebration Event

Professionals Survey for Participants at meeting 29th June, 2016 - Click to view 

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PMC Mentoring Multicultural Event - 3rd September 2015

Part 1 - Opening and Welcoming

Part 2 - IT Recruitment & Retention 2015 by Somikaa Mahapatra
Part 3 - The Art of Effective Questioning by Sasan Nikookar

Melbourne PMI Mentoring Mid-Year Event, Empower yourself and your team, Multiple Hats of Project Manager


PMI Mentoring Cross-Cultural Communication in Project Management 04 Apr 15

Power Point Slide - Click to download

Part 1 - Opening and Welcoming

Part 2 - Organizational Culture: “Are you in my Circle?”
Part 3 - Cross-Cultural Communication in Project Management

2015 Mentoring Kickoff

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Part 1 - Opening and Welcoming
Part 2 - Social Science and Resilience for Project Managers
Part 3 - How To Deal With Bullying at Work
Part 4 - The Art of Mentoring and Closing

2014 Melbourne PMI Mentoring End of Year Event

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Part 1 - Opening and Welcoming
Part 2 - Mentoring Pairing: End of Year, but not End of Mentoring!
Part 3 - Project Manager Role Transformation in Agile Environment
Part 4 - Portfolio Management and Stakeholder Management Certifications
Part 5 - PMI Research & Education Conference 2014 in Portland Oregon
Part 6 - Closing

PMI Mentoring news
By Anna Bakhmoutski, Melbourne PMI Mentoring Manager

During our last Melbourne PMI Mentoring Event, Multiculturalism and diversity in project management, we have celebrated our diversity and shared useful hints on working with project teams spread out over multiple countries and continents, with over 70 members attending the Event:

Two of our Mentoring members presented on the following hot topics:
  • Stewart Ng shared his experience managing teams in US, Nederland and Asia
  • Neda Nejad provided practical suggestions on job hunting as a new migrant
Heather Tan from Spiritual Health Victoria presented on the Multi-faith program recently piloted by the organisation

The microphone went around the room and people could not stop sharing their experience working with virtual teams located around the Globe.

Huge thanks to my Team for making this event possible – to Stewart, Neda, Maria, Clarence (our professional photographer), Graeme (our camera man), Lim, Sajith, Kimmie, Vincent, Tony, Clyde and Alam

Next Mentoring Event is on 20th of November, with 3 speakers already lined up.

If you would like to become a mentor or mentee on our program, please register on the Mentoring website under the PMI Melbourne Chapter website.

Melbourne PMI Mentoring Event, Multiculturalism and Diversity in Project Management 2014 videos can be watched by clicking following links:

Part 1 - Opening
Part 2 - Managing Multicultural Teams To Deliver Successful Projects
Part 3 - Experience Of Finding A Project Management Job As A New Migrant
Part 4 - Multi-faith Spiritual Care Project
Part 5 - Workshop and Closing

Mid Year Event 2014

The mid-year event was held on 26 June 2014. It was a grand success. This is what the Chapter President said in his report in the newsletter:

"Our Mentoring Program had a fantastic turnout for the mid-year event. The speakers did a fantastic job with Emma Sharrock presenting an engaging demonstration of Agile principles. Having audience participation in an Agile presentation is a great way to get the message across. Stephen Teleki is a recruiter and provided hints on job seeking from a recruiter’s viewpoint. For all the job seekers or Project Managers seeking a change, Stephen’s talk was certainly insightful." 

Mid Year Event 2014 Videos can be watched by clicking following links:

Part 1 - Opening
Part 2 - Website
Part 3 - Keynote on Agile & Mentoring 
Part 4 - Job Search Advices
Part 5 - Closing