University of Melbourne Space Program

The Melbourne chapter has formed a partnership with the University of  Space Program.  We will provide volunteers to uplift their project  management capacity in their exciting space projects.  

 The University of Melbourne Space Program is a diverse group of  professional students and academics from various backgrounds, united in  their work related to the aerospace industry, space based infrastructure, and  space exploration, with a focus on education, personal development and  innovation in Australia.   

 The University of Melbourne Space Program is an initiative that goes well  beyond a student engineering application project. Developed by a group of  ambitious students, the organisation seeks to understand and help redefine  the Australian space sector through innovation in education, economics and  policy, as well as engineering.   

ACS ICT Program Management SIG 2016

Looking to develop your program management practices to deliver ICT enabling programs successfully?

The ACS is sponsoring a Special Interest Group (SIG) for practitioners interested in the successful delivery of Program Management incorporating ICT solutions.  The SIG provides an avenue for practitioners to meet and share information and experiences.   

The sessions will be held at ACS, Level 2, 120 Clarendon Street, SOUTHBANK between 6pm – 7.30pm on a Monday evening.  

PMI members have the same discount as ACS members ($20 per session).   To receive this discount enter the code ACSITPROG on registration.

Details of the next SIG