The Melbourne Chapter PSC is now live!


The goal of the PSC is to :

  1.        Help the Chapter to manage it’s portfolio of volunteer-driven projects
  2.        Provide a vehicle for members to propose an idea for a project and then get involved in it’s delivery


Services offered

 Accept and evaluate new project requests

The PSC will accept and evaluate new project requests, and help the Board decide which ones to take on, based on the extent to which a project support the Chapter’s goals. Further details are outlined in the service description document here.

A copy of the New Project Request form is available here.

Recruit project resources

For approved projects, the PSC can assist with finding suitable volunteer resources to work on the project. Download the service description here.

The Volunteer Request Form can be downloaded here


Report status and escalate

The PSC will also compile a monthly status report for projects currently in progress. This report will be sent to the Chapter Board and other stakeholders. Download this service description here.


Contact Us

For any questions or if you need help with any project or project requests, contact us by email