Volunteering FAQs

What is a volunteer?

A Volunteer is someone who freely gives of their time and skills to a not-for-profit organisation in order to help it further its goals.  Volunteers are unpaid for their contribution to the organisation but are highly regarded for the assistance they give.

Who can volunteer?

Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and have a common interest in project management. They include students, retirees, full-time and part-time workers.  Everyone has something to offer.

Do I have to be a PMI member?

No, anyone who has an interest in project management may volunteer.

Do I need a Working with Children and a Police Check?

No, there is no requirement to work with Children in the normal course of volunteering so a Police check is not required.

What kind of time commitment do I need to make as a volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities range from short-term commitments of a few hours to long-term committee lead roles.  The PMI Melbourne Chapter has many different opportunities available, and the hours and skills required for each opportunity vary.  We have volunteer opportunities to fit everyone’s busy schedule.

Am I limited to one volunteer role only?

While we encourage new Volunteers to start with one voluntary role only we hope, that once established, Volunteers will expand or contract their voluntary commitments to suit their interests and lifestyle.  Volunteers are welcome to change or add to their role at any time, subject to availability.

What happens if I am sick or want to go on holiday or don’t feel like coming in?

It is expected that volunteers will have other things going on in their life alongside their voluntary commitments.  Our program is flexible enough to accommodate those needs.  We also ask that Volunteers keep in touch regarding their ‘fit’ with the Program; Volunteers are always free to change their minds.

How can I earn PDUs?

PMPs can obtain PDUs through a variety of volunteer activities, for example:




Serving as an elected officer

Up to 10 PDUs per term


Serving as a team lead or support volunteer

Up to 5 PDUs per term


Authoring a newsletter article

1 PDU per hour of research


Speaking at a chapter meeting

5 PDUs per engagement


Assisting moderation of a panel discussion

5 PDUs per engagement


Developing content for a seminar or other structured learning program

10 PDUs per new program