White Papers

PDF Document MWP1089_Issues_Management (258 KB)
Issues Management
29 June 2016
PDF Document Portfolio_Management_WP (225 KB)
Portfolio Management
18 May 2011
Word Document Which_came_first__the_process_or_the_tool_-_FINAL_031811 (25 KB)
Which came first the process or the tool
19 April 2011
PDF Document MWP1028_Win-Win_Negotiation (124 KB)
Win-Win Negotiations
19 April 2011
PDF Document MWP1027_Managing_Conflict (157 KB)
Conflict is inevitable in any longer term relationship, within teams and within families. This WP looks at ways to manage the conflict to optimise outcomes.
19 March 2011
PDF Document MWP1026_The_Managers_of_PMs (132 KB)
This WP describes the different senior management functions that support project management.
20 February 2011
PDF Document MWP1025_Motivation (165 KB)
Motivating a team is hard work but any of the alternatives are much harder. This WP looks at the different aspects of Motivation.
19 February 2011
PDF Document MWP1024_Personal_Time_Management (152 KB)
This White Paper looks at one of the Project Managers most important skills.
18 December 2010
PDF Document MWP1023_The_Value_of_Trust (134 KB)
Trust is a key element in the effective management of project teams and contracts.
21 November 2010
PDF Document MWP1022_Probability (146 KB)
Probability is central to project management.
20 November 2010

Majority of these White Papers have been developed by Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd for the PMI Melbourne Chapter and deal with matters of a technical nature in general terms only. They should not be relied on for specific advice.

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